" I started working with Jeanne-Marie and Ayurveda in November of 2015. My main concerns in consulting an Ayurveda practitioner at that time was an interest in how Ayurveda addresses aging and suggestions in loosing 15 pounds. I felt that my diet and lifestyle was pretty good but I had this stubborn extra weight. 
So, I followed the suggested changes Jeanne-Marie recommended. And slowly I have indeed seen a change in my body.

Not only have I been able to finally loose that extra weight but I feel so much better. Clearer, and more alive. My questions about aging where all answered. By tweaking my eating patterns and diet I found the anti-aging secret."

Dr. Wendy Miles
200 W 57th St.  Sw #808 New York, NY 10019

"As a student of Jeanne-Marie's Iyengar yoga class I became interested to learn more about ayurvedic medicine. Based on the skill she had in teaching yoga and bringing us into meditations during practice I sought her out in March 2016, at a time when I was in great need. 

I had just completed a 2nd kidney surgery and an unsuccessful 2nd round of radiation for an inoperable renal cancer tumor and was experiencing foot drop and neuropathic pain due to compromise of the sciatic nerve. I was extremely unbalanced, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Through our weekly consultation sessions, Jeanne-Marie began to help me. Initially creating calm and restoring some balance so that I could progress further. Each session provides an assessment, education of ayurvedic principles, check-ins on the routines and changes from prior sessions, and depending upon the situation yoga postures, breathwork, pranayama, marma point balancing as needed. Working on diet and digestion, one of my major issues, introducing herbs, changing life patterns to align with natures rhythms, Jeanne-Marie has helped me immensely. 

She is a master of teaching in a holistic way, that meets me where I am, without judgement. She is a partner in my transformation journey from disease to ease. I continue to look forward to our sessions. I'm grateful to the universe for "providing" her to me when I so desperately needed her."

Elycia Lerman

"Ayurveda has brought a sense of wellness and joy in my life. With Jeanne-Marie’s help, I was able to recover from a debilitating, chronic illness that Western medicine had failed to cure. Although Ayurveda may seem esoteric to those unfamiliar with its practices and philosophy, Jeanne-Marie makes the subject accessible and delightful. 

I have so much gratitude for her guidance and would recommend her to anyone interested in the wisdom of Ayurveda."

Don Shin

" The class was perfect. 

Jeanne-Marie demystified Ayurveda and made it approachable. 

We've been casting about for dietary solutions for sometime... ...about Aging Gracefully with Yoga and Ayurveda"

Workshop April 15, 2016
Ed Tootill

“Since following Jeanne-Marie’s advice my skin looks younger and healthier, my digestion has improved and I lost 25 pounds.”

Jackie C